Need help/advice - Yamaha CS-70M (Bad Condt)

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Need help/advice - Yamaha CS-70M (Bad Condt)

Post by RayDon » Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:56 pm

Hey, complete synth-newbie here,

I recently acquired a Yamaha CS-70M from my father, however it's in relatively bad condition. It has metal corrosion on the outside and some on the inside. To my knowledge, it was given to him a long time ago and he just kept it in the shed, where it took the brunt of the Australian heat and cold for years. I'm not sure if it works, since I know next to nothing about vintage synthesizers and I'm a little worried that I could damage it if I were to turn it out. I have opened it up and the circuitry looks fine, as expected. The buttons are gummy and don't have a nice audible click. The metal itself has some damage, though there isn't much actual rusting. I'll attach a couple photos so you all can have a look. What do you all suggest i do with it? It's such a nice instrument and I'd really like to see it restored, though, I don't really know how much it cost. More then happy to start a new project though.

Here are the photos

The synth itself on my floor

The metal corrosion

Opening her up (And also my finger!)

Close up on the circuts on the left. Not quite sure what they acutally are, sorry.

Close up on the circuts to the right. Not sure what they are either.

The circut board at the top.

Example of the metal corrosion on the inside. It's much less then I anticipated, however the screws

If you want any more photos or have any questions, I will be happy to help.
Oh, and I'm very sorry if this doesn't belong here or you have a slew of these kinds of threads. I hope you like my synthesizer, I do!

[Edit] I just realised I probably wasn't concise enough with what I needed help with. Given that I'm completely green in this scenario, I would like some advice on what are some steps I should take initially. Should I plug it in? Should I clean it up with a cloth? Should I clean up the rust with a certain product? Test things, take things out, or just sell it since it's all too daunting of a task for a newbie like me.


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Re: Need help/advice - Yamaha CS-70M (Bad Condt)

Post by rhino » Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:34 pm

DO NOT plug it in and turn it on !!
If you want to keep and use it, or sell for a reasonable fee, expect to spend 5-10k$: ship it to a synth restorer who has knowlege of the CS-70. NOT some guy who used to sell CB radios and branched out.

If you don't want to keep it, consult an expert for a approx. value and sell it.

This will be a MAJOR project. YMMV, but if you have the $$ to invest, AND you find someone capable of doing 100% work, this synth needs to be brought back to life.
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