Pls help - Audio In (filter) on Waldorf Pulse+ not working

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Pls help - Audio In (filter) on Waldorf Pulse+ not working

Post by Fauxstradamus » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:44 pm


I am getting very frustrated. One of the reasons I purchased a Waldorf Pulse+ synth module recently was to be able to run external audio signals into the "AUDIO IN" (filter in) input of the Pulse and to process then using the filter in the Pulse (that is what the Audio In is supposedly for). For example, I want to run my voice into the Waldorf and use the filter to create drones and so forth.

So I'm running a mic into a mic preamp (Focusrite ISA-2), going out of the preamp's first channel, into the Audio In jack on the back of the Pulse Plus, out of the Left (mono) out of the Pulse+ into a direct box (Radial Pro D8), from there into the other channel of the preamp and then out to my mixer and/or MPC Live. The meter on the first channel of the mic pre is registering signal as it should be, but I'm seeing nothing on the second channel's meter.

I'm not able to hear my voice at all, but I can faintly hear the Pulse on certain programs. I'm also getting a bunch of noise/hum/buzz.

I have the Pulse Plus manual and I realize that you have to be triggering MIDI to run an external audio signal into the Pulse. I also read that the volume must be adjusted using the "External Mix" function of the Pulse. So I tried different volume settings, but this makes no difference. I set the Pulse with the arpeggiator on so it's constantly triggering a MIDI signal. I also tried it using a controller keyboard to trigger MIDI.

Has anyone tried this with the Pulse Plus? Any suggestions as to possible reasons this is not working? The synth seems to be fully operational?


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Re: Pls help - Audio In (filter) on Waldorf Pulse+ not worki

Post by Mooger5 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:43 pm

Hi, just keep it simple in order to rule out things that are extraneous to the module. Set everything else aside until you´re sure the module is working as it should. The DI could be broken or underpowered, for example. So if the PUlse has a Line input, feed it with a line signal such as from another synth. Likewise, connect the Line out to the mixers line input and start from there.
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