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ESQ1 audio signal low

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:01 am
by BHrox
I had my Ensoniq ESQ1 in storage for a few months in the house where I lived before (not hot or cold issues). It was working fine when I stored it. Now, it will put out great sound when the sequencer is active, but when the sequencer is inactive, the audio signals are very low in levels and have a lot of buzz (like a 60Hz hum). The sequencer plays a sequence I recorded into it more than four years ago, and the display shows that it appears that the battery is fine. So, it appears that the memory is OK. If anyone has seen this before, comment is invited.

Problem solved! As with some moves to a new home, the volume pedal was not where I expected. Found it, plugged it in, and all is well now. That maybe seem embarrassingly obvious, but then why did the sequencer's output render loud and clear without the pedal? Don't have the answer; maybe somebody else knows it.

Re: ESQ1 audio signal low

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:15 am
by RobGnarly
I literally just had this same exact issue when I re-arranged my studio. I thought my synth was broken and couldn't get rid of the 60hz hum no matter what I tried. I've found that the ESQ-1 is particularly sensitive to resistance from long cables. I've even had the issue with a cable as short as 6 feet. Grab a passive DI box and run a < 3' cable to the input, then output it via xlr with the ground lift switch on. This will cut the ground from your output line and just send out clean audio with little/no excess noise or hum allowing for more input gain. Hope this helps!