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Keyboard switch types in music gear

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:11 pm
by Telcontar
As part of studying computer keyboard switches, I found that music gear—especially Roland’s—contains a number of keyboard switch types.¹ In most cases, the part numbers found in the service manuals match up with expected series names, e.g. KFL11904 and KFL10903 from the SBX-80 and TR-909 fit in with other documented evidence of KFL and SKFL series.

However, the Roland CR-78 contains something really strange: KCA10037. I found one photo from Cybercardinal (from 2012) suggesting that it resembles SCK and KCC types, but just from a teeny bits poking out from under the keycap.

Does anyone have a CR-78 to hand to pop off the Start/Stop or Measure keycap and show what switch is under it?

Photos show that the WS-1 that supported it used at least three types, not interchangeable: SCK and SKCC (compatible with each other, it seems) and KED (not compatible). Sadly I can’t find a service manual for the WS-1, so I can’t check what they called the SKCC-style switches. It seems as though it would be the KCA, but those already have SCH, KBB and KCC as apparent series names (!!!), and all model numbers found so far are SKCCxx. To also be Alps series suggests that Alps lost their mind. (I have a daft theory but that would make KCA the tall stem type, which seems wrong for the exposed switches in this kind of gear.)

I really want to see what is inside the SCK type (as used in the CR-68, CSQ-100 and CSQ-600) but System J reported that they never fail, so I am not that likely to get my hands on a broken one to pull apart!

¹(pushbuttons that have around 2–5 mm travel and ca. 50–70 cN actuation, that support 19.05 mm spacing)

Re: Keyboard switch types in music gear

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:07 pm
by Telcontar