Help with MIDI

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Help with MIDI

Post by Sequent_C » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:29 pm

Hey all! I know this is such a beginner question, but I’m having trouble with MIDI implementation on the Roland Boutique series. I’m new to MIDI and am trying to do my research.

Basically I have this MIDI chain:

TR-08 —-> TR-09 —> TB-03 —-> SH-01 —->SE-02

I’m basically wanting to just trigger sequences and keep tempo synced on all devices, but other things are happening.

Like the TB-03 determines the notes for the 01 and 02, and when I adjust the filter/res etc. for the 303 all the other synths are affected. (Even the 808 bass drum volume affects filter levels on other instruments.

I’ve read the manuals and looked at the midi implementation chart (which I don’t understand).

Any help at all is appreciated!!!

Edit: I have an MPC X I’d like to add to this chain, once I can get this massive MIDI beast under my command.
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Re: Help with MIDI

Post by Tidda » Tue Dec 04, 2018 1:19 am

You should put all these instruments to a different MIDI channel.
That way the control changes (turning knobs etc.) won't affect the other instruments.

Tempo sync doesn't use a channel so that would still affect all instruments.


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