Low Audio Output from Axon Ax 100 w/DG50XG Sound Card

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Low Audio Output from Axon Ax 100 w/DG50XG Sound Card

Postby drstringlove » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:58 pm

I have a couple of Axon Ax 100 guitar synths that are needy, probably best to deal with one at a time so I'll tell you about the first one. It has very, very low audio output through the installed sound card. Everything else seems normal. I have replaced the battery. Strangely, the user patches did not disappear despite having no battery connected for the few minutes it took for installation. How's that happen? Electrolytic caps? I have checked the voltages going into the sound card and they seem to be close to correct, the -7V was out of spec the most at -6.91V. Anyway, I also connected an expression pedal and ran through some presets to see if that would have any effect. And, I switched the other sound card that is know to be good with the one from this unit. No luck! I am now trying to decide if I have exhausted all the simple stuff or if it is time to find someone who can work on this unit, that is, of course, if there is anyone out there that can fix it. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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