Yamaha dx7 - Synth clicking noises

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Yamaha dx7 - Synth clicking noises

Postby thebotchedjob » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:44 am

Hello, I am new to the synthesizing world (especially new to fm synthesis) and just recently bought a used Yamaha DX7 mk.1 that's in great shape. However, I noticed a clicking noise in the attack and release of the keys (esp. on the lower end of the keyboard) for patches with short sustain (the same noise is also present during patches with high sustain but only when several keys are pressed at once). The clicking noise can also be heard while in the initialized setting. I can get the clicking to go away when I adjust the attack and release rates from 0 (99 on the dx7), however, I find it greatly compromises the sound. I've seen online that this is normal for a lot of synths but I'm suspecting there's an underlying issue at play (also because I've noticed the clicking problem worsen slightly over a short period of time). I've read that it can be an issue with the trimpot needing adjustment or the DAC. Can anyone confirm this issue... is there a malfunction with the chip itself or something else? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Yamaha dx7 - Synth clicking noises

Postby The LT » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:43 pm

Not sure about the DX7, but it's perfectly normal on my JP-8080. Need to set the amp env attack to 3 and release too.
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