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Need advice on sampler purchase

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:04 am
by mummia20
i play in a band and
Im interested in getting a sampler
so i can run clips of sound from like movies
and other things
im looking to spend between 1-400$

Re: Need advice on sampler purchase

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:36 pm
by Hyde
I'd look for something with at least 32mb of storage. That way you can lay a bunch of samples across the keyboard & not have to worry too much about memory. YOu'll also want the ability to hook up a decent hard drive, for storage. Facebook has both Akai & E-mu sampler groups...for more info.
On the low end you can pick up an AKAI S2000 with maxed out memory for under $100, usually. It comes with a scsi port for external Hard Drive. The E-mu ESI2000 can be naked to 64mb & has a scsi port. It's pretty tough to find either of these with the output & effects boards but, for what you ware wanting, you likely will not need them.
E-mu released a ESI4000 that could be had with a ZIP Drive. That would be like the ESI2000 with a few more bells & whistles.
All of these can be found pretty reasonably, but take some patience in learning how they operate. There were a lot of samplers released from both companies, after these but, price generally goes up with popularity.
I really think Ensoniq samplers are the best sounding, most useful samplers made. However, the Mighty ASR10 only has a "possibility" of 16mb of storage. By the time you get to a machine with upgraded with 16mb & SCSI, your price range would be completely blown out of the water. My Preference would be Akai. Built like tanks & they like HardDrives of many types. You'll need a controller keyboard but, they are cheap on Craigslist etc...