Roland TR-909 ROMs / EPROMs / Firmware / Binaries

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Roland TR-909 ROMs / EPROMs / Firmware / Binaries

Post by Rasputin » Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:25 pm

Looking for an *independent* read-out of the v1 program/OS ROM for the 909. By independent, I mean a binary which was taken from a machine under your care, rather than "I found this file on the 'net" -- Yes, I am already familiar with:

Also looking for v0 and v2. I know v4 exists but I do not need that, thank you anyway. :lol:

Here are the serial numbers which match each ROM version:

OS 0 - Factory supplied with 360100~393899.
OS 1.0 - Resolves problem with losing tracks while in write-mode. 403900 and up.

In the unlikely scenario that anyone has any other version (v3?) then I would absolutely welcome them.

If it matters, this is for development purposes and not to fix my (non-existent) machine. Nor is it for profit. In other words, it's pro bono for the community.

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