Sticky note Juno 60, need help

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Sticky note Juno 60, need help

Post by Rotil66 » Sun Jan 27, 2019 1:59 pm

Hello All,

I need help with my Juno 60. It's a bit difficult to explain what is happening but....
When I don't press a key nothing is sounding (as should) but as soon as I play one key it also plays a previous key together in steps of 6. After playing 6 keys it plays just the single note but it 'remembers' this note and plays it along with the next 5 notes and so on. Even if I don't play a note for a long time it still remembers this second note.
(even after 1st boot it plays a double tone, I can't tell if this is still the note that was 'remember' before I turn the unit off. Every thing else is working OK. The sound that I hear are also OK (ONLY DOUBLE TONE)
Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong. (It's not a keyboard/Mechanical contact issue)

I hope somebody can give a hint how to fix this. It would be a pity to write of this great synth.


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Re: Sticky note Juno 60, need help

Post by jupiler » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:21 pm

A tech should go deep in the diagnostic but it sounds like a dead BA662 or a dead IR3R01.
If you need one of these two circuits try or
Good luck

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