Yamaha DX7 IIFD Gltiches/Broken

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Yamaha DX7 IIFD Gltiches/Broken

Post by Baticuevo » Thu May 30, 2019 7:35 pm

I don’t have nothing of Grey Matter, (banks, diskettes, only the manual) to be honest if you have one please send me for discard bank issue.

Well, I've seen several theories about what could be

1: The Gray Matter E! is very unstable, what could be causing that would be a loose cable, badly welding or welding in the IC that is not.
In VSM I saw a person who had exactly the same problem but I could not know if that was the solution that Solved the problem of the synthesizer.

2: Bad operating system caused by glitched patches. The guy who sold it to me said he was going to send me 4 cartridges, which did not pack in the shipping company, but he told me he was going to send them today; that will be the first test to see if loading the sounds I can solve the rare characters, however he told me that he had never uncovered it then I also think it is pertinent to change the battery.

3: The guy I found in VSM had exactly the same problem, but I was only posting updates about their fixes which makes it a bit confusing to know exactly what the problem was that caused the synthesizer:
° Will not save presets, preferences
° Show rare characters such as squares, letters and Japanese letters
° I made strange noises.
I could take the expansion card but I really do not know. I have a friend who makes pedals, and arranges instruments, I'll take the synthesizer to see what the problem may be.

There is some way to remove the E! Card?
Or the E! Card replaces some component that is necessary to put back of the DX7 IIFD stock?

To be honest, I think it’s only battery, but I have to wait until Monday, I have a friend who make pedals (and it’s Electric Engineer) and he told me to take him the DX7

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