JX-8P aftertouch and other problems / maintanance

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JX-8P aftertouch and other problems / maintanance

Post by cllk » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:44 pm

Hello :)
About a month ago I bought a JX-8P as my first hardware synth and I'm quite happy with it, but it has some problems I want to fix (or get fixed if I can't do it myself):

-The aftertouch works but is relatively unresponsive.
-The volume setting for aftertouch doesn't work, vibrato and brilliance do however.
-The volume fader (not to be confused with level switch) jumps between three values.
-It has scratches pretty much everywhere
-In the beginning it had some issues with notes getting stuck, however that has gone away now.

I am planning on taking apart the keybed and cleaning the aftertouch strip, the keys and maybe the copper contacts too. Here's the tutorial I plan to follow:
http://zine.r-massive.com/roland-jx8p-a ... ch-repair/

Question 1: Has anyone some additional tips or advice for disassembling the keybed and cleaning the aftertouch strip? Maybe links to other helpful tutorials? And what other maintinance should I probably do if the synth is already opened up?
Also if anyone has some tips on removing scratches on the keys/case and on how to clean/polish keys that'd be neat.

Since the volume fader as well as the volume aftertoch setting both affect volume, I was thinking that maybe this could be caused by the same issue. But it is also likely that the fader jumping between values is just an issue with the fader.

Question 2: What could cause the volume aftertouch setting to not work?

(Info on my specific model if helpful: Serial 675567, originally sold in west germany, has the patch names on membrane buttons, firmware: 3.1 May 30,85),
(JX-8P service manual: https://www.kiwitechnics.com/index_htm_ ... Manual.pdf )

Any help is appreciated
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Re: JX-8P aftertouch and other problems / maintanance

Post by synthRodriguez » Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:15 pm

Be careful not to stretch the aftertouch membranes.

Be careful not to bend the conductive strips. Don't touch them with bare hands after polishing.

A good cleaning will restore the aftertouch 100%, unlike the JX-10. It's a bit tricky, just go slow.

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