Juno 60 stiff sliders

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Juno 60 stiff sliders

Post by NCChao1268 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:39 am

I have two Juno 60 which one appears to have stiffer sliders than the other, anyone know of a way to loosen and clean them up safely?

I heard of using Deoxit F5 faderlube to loosen the sliders by spraying directly to lubricate them. Is this any good of a method?

To clean them, you cannot go wrong with Deoxit D5.


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Re: Juno 60 stiff sliders

Post by iowagold » Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:26 am

a good virgin silicone lube works.
try dielectric grease.
any good auto parts store will have it.
avoid spray type as there are other chems in there to make it spray..
those chems can melt the plastic.
crc makes some good stuff.
I use versachem VersaChem Dielectric Connector Grease
Part # 15339 Line: VER
versachem 15339
it works for pots as well.
you have to get it in place then use the action to smear it in the glide area.
it will also stop oxide. or scratchy pots. and switches.
as of posting date cost is 10.00 for a large toothpaste style tube.
Paul in Iowa

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Re: Juno 60 stiff sliders

Post by upunkt » Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:55 pm

I have had stiff slider issues on my Juno-6 and it turned out to be dust acquired over many many years. The stiffness lead to another issue, by using such a slider with some force a metal part inside got loose and twisted resulting in sliders that could not be moved over the whole range.
While I was renovating the whole synth I simply desoldered these and opened them up by wiggling the small metal reeds on the bottom. Cleaned thoroughly with q-tips and benzine (use something that evaporates traceless). Reformed the twisted metal piece, reassembled and all sliders would work like a charm. And still do.

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