Korg DSS-1 Aftertouch problem

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Korg DSS-1 Aftertouch problem

Post by cllk » Sat Dec 14, 2019 6:45 pm

The Aftertouch of the DSS-1 I recently got is very unresponsive, which was a bit suprising because unlike with the JX-8P this doesn't seem to be a common problem.

So I was wondering what the two VRs on the Aftertouch sensor board are there for, I was hoping that maybe they can be used to change the AT sensitivity(?). I really don't want to do another lengthy AT repair but If there's no way around it...

So if anyoneknows more about electrical stuff than I do and can tell me what is going on on the AT Sensor board that'd be great

Edit: Tried to include a picture of the schematic but it didn't work, so here's a link:


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Re: Korg DSS-1 Aftertouch problem

Post by madtheory » Tue Dec 17, 2019 3:36 pm

Like the JX (and the Akai MX-1000, and probably a lot of other keyboards as well) it's far more likely that the sensor strip has corroded. You can clean the corrosion off with isopropyl if you're prepared to remove the felt cover. I did that with my MX-1000 and got about 6 years out of it before it corroded again. Have to do it again. Bit of a PITA as it requires removal of all keys. Maybe I'll try a re-cal instead though, like you're doing! No need to remove keys.

I think it's probably very likely that this tip sheet for Korg M1 aftertouch will help, because in all probability they used the same AT circuitry.
https://medias.audiofanzine.com/files/h ... 476478.pdf

Pretty sensible: set up a basic sin wave patch, monitor the MIDI output with MIDIox or similar, play two notes and press, monitor the values you get out.

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