Doepfer A190-1 MIDI-CV not working correctly

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Doepfer A190-1 MIDI-CV not working correctly

Post by AIDS » Sun May 17, 2020 12:57 pm

I've had the A190-1 for a few years and it's always worked fine before, usually send MIDI to it from a pedalboard.

So I was experimenting with getting the sequencer on my Prophet 6 to talk to it as I'd just downloaded the OS update for the P6... after about 5 minutes the A190-1 stops sending Gate or CV signals.

Have tested the MIDI out of the P6 and it's working, also tested MIDI in on the A190-1 with another controller and it also doesn't send Gate or CV.

Funny thing is the A190-1 is still picking up MIDI clock so clearly isn't completely shot, it's got me wondering if some sysex got sent into it that's thrown it for a loop or tripped a setting that I'm unaware of? It's otherwise odd though not impossible that something just decided to c**p out on me when I was doing something different with it.

Have tried doing the reset on the A190-1 as the manual suggests and it's still the same.

Have emailed Doepfer for advice... looks like they are in shutdown at the moment.

Any ideas?

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