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Korg Poly 800 tuning / joystick problem

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 5:55 pm
by opinonno
Turned on my poly 800 to find that every key is roughly 4 tones flat. The pitch also warbles unpredictably. After some tinkering I found that the "pitch bend" joystick function is not working anymore (though still it still functions w/ DCO + VCF). I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for how to clean that component out? Or if anyone with the same problem found a different fix that a novice like myself might be able to try? Thanks!

P.S. I've tried turning on/off, reloading factory patches.

UPDATE: Since I've seen this issue posted elsewhere but no conformations as to what fixed the issue, I was able to solve the problem just taking the synth apart and dusting the joystick component thoroughly. There was some dust and a buildup of what was probably lubricant in mid-80s. Removed the dust with microfiber and the lube gunk with a q-tip. So if your Poly800 synth is suddenly pitched incorrectly and pitch bend joystick function isn't working, this could be your 30 minute fix.