Oberheim DMX - hi-hat "closed" is just "open" but quieter (SOLVED)

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Oberheim DMX - hi-hat "closed" is just "open" but quieter (SOLVED)

Post by DesolationBlvd » Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:33 pm

I have a curious issue with my new Oberheim DMX - the hi-hat "closed" just plays the "open" but quieter, like the envelope is not being activated. There is also a weird high-pitched noise on top of the kick, that goes up or down when I use the tuning pot on the kick card, and that follows the ROM chip.

I have a feeling that for the kick, the ROM itself is corrupted and I'll buy a new one. But before I buy a replacement hi-hat card, I want to see why the envelope doesn't affect it.

EDIT: Turns out the hi-hat values were wrong. The service manual shows the following values, and they were the values my card had:
R8: 2k7
R12: 15r
R17: 1k5
C3: 6u8

The values on the DMX Files site were the correct values:
R8: 3k6
R12: 6k8
R17: remove
C3: 2u2
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