A true MIDI patchbay ?

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A true MIDI patchbay ?

Post by rickrhino » Mon Apr 02, 2007 1:47 am

I might be merging my gear with a good friend of mine and we would like to share our MIDI keys and modules
He likes his way of working with an MPC1000 and I like mine MPC3000,Opcode Vision, Protools(more complicated setup)
Our computer won't merge so a simple USB 8x8 is not necessary
I have seen stuff on ebay with digital control no need for that cause my buddy is not into setting up or storing setups
I could live with one but we are trying to make it as easy as re-pluging midi patch cables
sorry I don't have the patience to solder anything at the moment.
Anyone out there with a simple device without menus, I don't mind repatching cables
I see alot of you out there with tons of rack gear, what do you use?

thanks in advance
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Post by deadgobby » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:38 am

When you are working with some one and have different gear than yours. The best thing is just improve and get all the creative juices going. When some thing sounds good. Go with it. Ya, you want to be tight on syncing things up. You can simply just say that is a good lead or bridge. Or yet, f**k all the merging of getting things tighter than a ( insert pun here ). Some times you need to say f**k it and play live. When you get the funk on.. It is on. Cripes look at Skinny Puppy and other old school EMB bands. It sounds like that person wants to lead every thing and have you jump through hoops to make your s**t go with theirs. If you two want to make music. Let the improve work its magic and keep what sounds good and throw out the bad. So drop the beat G and get the osculators beating a fat bass.
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Post by another machine » Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:26 am

Try this. It's a simply MIDI patch bay, I have the same. No computer involved, just plug the midi cables on the back. The ins and the outs are arranged in the front panel as a matrix of sliders, straightforward and intuitive. You'll have 4 ins and 8 outs (one in and one out are on the front panel), it's quite comfortable if for example you have only one controller and a bunch of expander. You can find around also other equipment like this, but actually I can't remember brands or names. Maybe Akai and Roland made something similar, but googling around it seems that the Kawai MAV-8 is the most popular.
I hope this will help.
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Post by Mixolydian » Thu Apr 05, 2007 3:00 pm

I have one of those, a Kawai Mav-8. It works like a champ and is about as straightforward as it gets. However, it doesn't have midi filtering, which means blocking all but one channel passing through an output. This isn't a problem with me as I don't have many multitimbral synths, but can be a problem if you intend to use it live and have mostly multitimbrals.

A few that do have midi filtering are the Roland A-880, Akai ME30PII and ME80P.

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Post by xonox » Thu Apr 05, 2007 5:12 pm

A patchbay that i really liked was the roland a-880 but it seemed to turn a stable midi clock into a sluggish midi clock. My lexicon mx200 hated the clock signal once it got thru the a-880 and started clicking... I now use a midi time piece 2 from motu. It's more complicated to use but you have a lot of possibilities which are useful when using older finicky midi synths that don't like to receive some things. I do not have clicks in the delays on my mx200 anymore and you can even link 2 mtp units together to have a 16x16 midi patchbay without using a computer to set them up. Never used it as a computer midi interface because mtp2 has no usb port.

I'd like to try a newer mtp unit to see how they are now. Shame that they do not have manuals on their website...

edirol made the um-880 which seemed like a newer version of the a-880 but it was short lived. Never tried this one.

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Post by pricklyrobot » Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:06 pm

How many ins and outs do you need? I have a Casio TB-1 that I'm happy with. It's 2 in, 8 out, super simple and can run on AA batteries if you're low on outlet space. They seem to show up on Ebay fairly frequently for not a whole lot of money.

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