Sound Layering using the Roland-JV2080..please help!!!

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Sound Layering using the Roland-JV2080..please help!!!

Postby thenextinline » Thu Apr 19, 2007 9:45 pm

i have just managed to get my hands on a Roland current setup is as follows..

Fatar Studio 88 midi controller [OUT] to Akai mpc2000xl midi 1[IN]
Akai mpc2000xl midi A[OUT] to Roland JV-2080 midi [IN].

my problem lies in sound layering with the JV-2080..i have no problem recording the first track on the mpc..however after i have saved the first track and want to record track number two by dubbing over the first using a different sound from the JV-2080 the sound of the first recorded track changes as sure it has something to do with assigning a different midi channel to each of the tracks on the JV-2080 but i just dont know how 2 do it...SOMEONE PLEASE HELLLP!!
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