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Novation Bass Station People

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:18 pm
by nightrecords

Very important question. In envelope 1 which controls the ampitude of the sound.. There seems to be a problem with my keyboard.. I set the sustain to zero and no sound comes out.. I check the other settings, and it's the sustain.. It's almost like it's a volume knob.. and i thnk sustain is not just like that... Is any bodys bass station like that? the attack i set real low, decay real low, and release real low.. But i cant hear the sound unless i turn the sustain all the way up...

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:31 pm
by steveman
If by 'real low' you mean really fast you won't here anything more than a 'click' . The sustain defines the 'resting' volume of a sound while a key is pressed. WIth sustain at zero, unless you have a longer attack/decay you won't hear much of anything.

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:45 pm
by nightrecords
I set the attack at 10.. It goes from 0 to 10.. And i hear nothing,..

sorry for the newbie s**t..

But are all synths like this?

Cus i was told to make a nice bass sound while putting a low attack low decay low sustain... It was here on this site.. check it out..

"The bass on the clip you gave sounds like bass guitar, so you're looking at a bass sound in which the 'resonance' control is set to a minimum and the filter cutoff frequency is quite low.

For the envelopes for your filter and amp, you should set the 'Attack' to a low setting, so that it isn't a sharp, snappy sound, but smooths off the opening of each note you play. Set the 'Decay' time to about 3-5 seconds, to simulate a bass string vibrating and decreasing in volume as time goes by. For the 'Sustain', set this to zero and for 'Release', set it a very low setting so that the sound doesn't quite die as soon as you let go of the note, but not so long that it noticeably overlaps the other notes you are playing.

Try this with just one oscillator to get the rough sound, and then add a second oscillator to thicken it up."

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 9:26 pm
by nightrecords
Anybody anything? lol..

Please help..


Maybe somone knows any bass synth tutorials?

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 9:34 pm
by Jesse
hey man, I hope this might help. The attack setting is how long it take for the sound to begin to sound, so at 0 the sound starts right when you hit a key, or when its at a higher setting, it takes longer for the sound to come in. The sustain setting is how loud the key sounds when it is being held down. The decay is how long it takes for the sound to make the transition between the attack volume and the sustain volume. The release is how long the sound keeps sounding after you have let go of the key. So if your sustain setting is very low, the sound of the key being held will be very low. Here, this chart shows what each stage of the sound is.
So in a way, the sustain key is somewhat like a volume key. Just keep playing with it, you'll get the hang of it.

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 9:54 pm
by kk994
If you put your sustain at 0 then you need to leave a bit of decay so as you get some sound.

Basically if the sustain is set to 0 the sound will end when the decay time has been reached even if you continue to hold down a key (think piano). If the sustain is anything above 0 the sound will continue at that volume for as long as you hold down the key(think violin).

either that or your bassstation is f**ked :D

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:09 pm
by equaliser
Mine isn't plugged in at the moment so I can't check this, but it should be right (or near enough)...Env1 is amp, env2 is filter. You want the amp of the note to sustain, but the lpf to quickly sweep down after you've pressed the key.

Just as an example, set the env mod switch to env2, and the knob above to +5.

Flip the switch to env1, and set attack to 0, decay to 10 (or whatever), sustain to 10, release to 0.

Now flip to env2, and set attack to 0, decay to 3 or 4 (adjust to taste), sustain to 0, and release to 0.

You should get that classic twangy bass sound that sounds like "bonk" to me, or thereabouts. You'll need to vary the decay on env2 to get the length of note you're after. It's pretty much the first sound I try and set up on my synths, I love it... I like my poly61m for this too.

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:09 pm
by kayvon
If you want a punchy sound a good tip is to keep the sustain low but boost the level of the synth therefore there's more difference between the initial bite of the note and the main body. Though from that bass clip you posted in the other thread there seemed to be very little dynamics so a fairly high sustain is prob what you after.

The bass sound you're after from that record is pretty simple in essence with no special synth tricks apart from good pitch bend programming so the best thing to do is to just try and trust your ears and tweak until you get things into the sweet spot. Another thing to look into is compression involving side gates but thats a whole n'other thread.

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:18 pm
by kayvon
Why does this thread need to be moved? It surely belongs in general synthesizers. I appreciate that the mods are really cleaning up alot of posts in the the wrong place but dare I say it they're getting a little over-zealous?

I've had one or two of my posts disappear aswell (even in my own thread) would the mods know anything about that?

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 12:03 am
by AstroDan
Try this...

Set the Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release all at zero. Don't f**k with the Attack. Play around with adjusting just the Decay and Sustain at various levels.

Yeah, the D and S of all ADSR equipped (basically all) synths are really confusing until you get to know the way an envelope works.

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 1:39 am
by nightrecords
Thanks everyone im getting to understand it and made a pretty dope bass sounds...