KORG PS3100 Noise problem

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KORG PS3100 Noise problem

Postby turtle07 » Wed Feb 27, 2008 9:10 pm

Hi guys, i am working on my PS3100.

gotta a noise or hiss type + very high frequency tone on all the ouptut, all the notes. it is not changing pitch through out the keyboard.
it appears mainly on attack and release, but also on keyboard Hold.

it appears to be prefilter, as it is filter out by the lowpass.

we changed the caps of the powersupply, checked the connectors which are like new :-)

the powersupply is 15v out and seems stable.

when we remove the 2 signal generators cards, the noise is still there...

please, any advice would be very helpful.

we got the schematics but not the signalflow or color codes to follow tghe signal from the cards.

thanx for your help.

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