planning a modular with theremin control

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planning a modular with theremin control

Post by Cybananna » Thu Mar 13, 2008 4:33 am

I'm planning a modular set up. I'm looking at Doepfer mostly (mostly based on price, and I don't want DIY, no available time for that). Since discovering the theremin and optical control modules, I want to base the system around those controls.

I already have a Moog CP-251, mooger filter, ringmod, and phaser. That covers a lot of stuff. LFO's, S/H, noise, multiples, CV mixer, attenuators, filter, ring, etc.

Honestly, soundwise, i'm not looking for anything in particular. I already have plenty of synths to cover most bases. I'm looking for a new way of making sound and having fun. Eventually, I would like to be able to patch it like a conventional monosynth and play it with keys, but that's not a priority. (already have a basstation rack for the midi to CV?) I already have a theremin so I don't want just the basic theremin sound. I want lots of modulation / strangeness.

I'll have $1500-2000 to spend (6U portable case about $500 of it). Any recommendations for interesting modules to look at? I'll want at least 1 osc and I'll probably use the mooger filter to begin with.

Many of the modules I don't understand yet. I'm doing a lot of research now and have been playing around with the stuff I have available now.

If anyone has any advice, I appreciate it.

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