EASY QUESTION! What AC Adaptor Does The MOTU MTP1 Use?

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EASY QUESTION! What AC Adaptor Does The MOTU MTP1 Use?

Post by artfulideas » Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:02 am

I have the Mark Of The Unicorn Midi Time Piece (the first one) and I just moved and misplaced the adaptor. It takes a "barrel" type adaptor, but I cant remember if it is 9V, 12V, or something else. All the new MOTU units have a built in power supply, but not the MTP1. Its crazy, there is no info on the back of the unit or on the net. I even opened up the case and looked at the circuit board. Too bad I dont know much about that stuff.

I dont wanna fry my unit!

Someone who has this dinosaur, please look at it real quick and tell me which adaptor to use!

Thanks in advance!
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