MS2000 mod and pitch wheel issues

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MS2000 mod and pitch wheel issues

Post by THEODICY » Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:40 am

I was noticing the other day while using the MS2000 as a controller for another rack synth that the pitch wheel would pitch the correct step up but not quite when trying to bend down. Now, my first thought was that it was part of the rack synth's program, so I checked that and no, it was how it should be. So then I go into the global menu and do the calibration for the pitch wheel. I bend up and it reaches full value but when I bend down it doesn't quite get there so I hit "yes" to calibrate and the MS2000 says "invalid data." So I also check the mod wheel while I'm at it and it is not quite reaching full value on either side either and gives the same "invalid data"!!!! :evil: I had not noticed this a problem before when playing until the other day :cry: It's my only keyboard controller and I just got a MS2000r to compliment the keys. DAMN IT! Any idea what it could be or what to check out to fix?

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Re: MS2000 mod and pitch wheel issues

Post by Pilot352 » Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:29 pm

To make sure it's the synth, hook up another synth through MIDI and let it control the MOD wheel. See if it bends correctly using another controller.
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