Power Cables

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Power Cables

Post by supercluster » Sun Jul 05, 2009 3:30 am

Okay so this might seem really obvious but im a bit confused. I have an mpc1000 and a Doepfer portable that i havent used in awhile. I want to use them again but im concerned about my power cables because they got mixed with some computer cables. I've been reading the backs of the Audio devices and the cables trying to figure out what corrisponds with what.

I have two cables that say 10a 125v 1250w

the back of the mpc1000 says AC100-240v

the back of the doepfer says AC115v/50-60hz

i cant find anything that says AC115v on a powerchord.

Can someone explain to me how these ratings work and explain to me what powerchords i need to be using? Should i have a power chord somewhere that says 115v that i may have misplaced?

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Re: Power Cables

Post by Stab Frenzy » Sun Jul 05, 2009 3:58 am

The cord (not chord) just has the maximum rated voltage and wattage printed on it, anything below that will be fine. IEC leads (jug plugs, kettle cords, whatever you wanna call them) are all interchangble, don't worry about which one goes with what.
supercluster wrote:explain to me what powerchords i need to be using?
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Re: Power Cables

Post by cornutt » Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:33 am

OK, first of all, this applies in North America only -- I don't know the codes and such in other countries. Second of all, we are talking about ordinary power cords, not wall warts, right?

OK, given that: The voltage that you get from an ordinary U.S. or Canada wall outlet is variously stated as 115V, 120V, or 125V, and some old gear may say 110V. It's supposed to be 120V, but it's allowed to vary a few volts in either direction. Thus the different voltage numbers you are seeing on the cords and the gear.

Your MPC1000 has a power supply that automatically adapts to North American, European, or Japanese power. That's why it's stated the way it is. Don't worry about that.

The maximum power that the cord can handle may be stated in amps, watts, or both, as yours are. You multiply the amperage by the voltage to get the wattage. However: When it comes to IEC cords (that is, cords that plug onto a socket in the back of the synth), I'm pretty sure that there aren't any rated at less than 10A, which is about 1200W. Off the top of my head, I don't know of any synth that draws more than about 200W, and most are a lot less than that. What it comes down to is, you don't need to worry about wattage or amperage with these IEC cords. The only other consideration is whether the cord will physically plug into the synth; there are several different types of IEC connectors that have been used on different model synths. Don't try to force one that doesn't fit.
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