Siel Cruise Repair

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Siel Cruise Repair

Postby matthewww » Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:10 pm

Hello there, been reading what you guys say for several years and love to check back regularly for synth inspiration! Sadly though now I have hit a brick wall in my own synth quest. Having owned a Siel Cruise for some years ow I decided the other day to overhaul some of the ic's to get rid of some nagging problems in the strings settings (they're great strings sounds and one of the main reason I've hung on to this beast)

However in my quest to recover the strings I've broken something else, I get a nice clean string sound but only as the key is lifted off its contact. the more i tap the louder the sound, and if i connect with a screwdriver between the mono contact and the poly contat it gives me a full proper note. I've replaced all chips bar the expensive rare ones and the two ua3302's (lm339). Could the voltage comparator be at the heart of the problem? its tricky I tells ya.
Thanks in adavance if anyone can help

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