disabling Kenton MIDI mod on a Jupiter 6

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disabling Kenton MIDI mod on a Jupiter 6

Post by replicalex » Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:22 pm

Hey, just wondering if anyone here has any experience with disabling a Kenton MIDI mod on a Jupiter 6, prior to installing Europa?

I have some instructions from the Synthcom guys on it - they say it can be done but they were a little vague on details.
Kenton have so far been unresponsive about it too...

I was just hoping someone here had been through it and the Jupe had lived to tell the tale...my tech has his doubts, and he knows his stuff. I really dont want to end up with a dead Jupe :(

Long shot I know.

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Re: disabling Kenton MIDI mod on a Jupiter 6

Post by SE-Noises » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:18 am


well it's been some time since your request and I don't have the answer.
I'd like to know whether you could solve the "problem" and what happened to the JP-6-Kenton-Kit?

My problem is, that my JP-6 is dead since the Europa-Upgrade (incl. 2x Chip-replacement).
And because I only want to have my JP-6 velocity-sensitive, I'd be happy to find a Kenton-Kit for it.

Musically yours

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