Help with Yamaha CS2x timing issues

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Help with Yamaha CS2x timing issues

Postby Oscillation Loop » Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:04 pm


i wonder if anyone can help - i have owned a CS2x for 10 yrs from new and of late am experiancing timing issues with the arppegiator when recording via line input into my PC. After recording as a wave file and importing into my sequencer (FL Studio 8 or Acid 7) i can see that the waveform is loosing time as the bars progress. Say for example i record a drum pattern with a kick drum on the first hit of each bar, the kd will gradually move further away from the first hit point so it becomes out of sync with the other samples. I have tried various things to resolve this including a full factory reset of the synth. I have spoken to the team at Yamaha yet they were puzzled and drew a blank saying it should be doing that. If any fellow CS2x users can shed any light on the matter i would be ever grateful, i love arppegiations and am finding it very frustrating not being able to get a tight responce, as you can i'm sure appreciate!

Thanks everyone.

Oscillation Loop
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Re: Help with Yamaha CS2x timing issues

Postby Zamise » Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:33 pm

If I remember right, the arpeggiator on it only syncs to its own internal clock and not to a midi master clock, so it'll never stay exactly in time. Either record the arps in to your sequencer as a short one or two measure midi loop then cut and paste it the length of song and then have it play back to the CS2X, or do a single note arp out to it and have the note reset every measure or two, don't remember which way it goes or if it goes both ways, but one of them should do it for ya. Or, perhaps use shorter samps and loop them.
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Re: Help with Yamaha CS2x timing issues

Postby pneuman » Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:44 am

You can definitely sync the arpeggiator to MIDI clock -- just turn the tempo all the way to the left and it'll change from a BPM value to "MIDI". If that's what you have it set to, then I'm not sure what'd be happening here, though I guess it could be a problem with the sequencer itself.
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Re: Help with Yamaha CS2x timing issues

Postby cornutt » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:24 pm

If it's already synced to MIDI Clock and it's still losing time, it could be a problem with a bad MIDI cable or some such. If MIDI messages are getting lost, the CS2x would not have any way of knowing. Does the CS2x's tempo vary, or is it just consistently slow?
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