Sound problem with Reason.

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Sound problem with Reason.

Post by roon » Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:43 pm

Yeah, I know it's not a Reason forum, but I've tried that already, so I'm asking here.
Often, (basicaly almost always) when I reopen any of already existing projects, the overal sound is low-passed. Just like it would be put trough a filter. Not much, but enough to notice, especially on the drums. When i export project to wav, it is normal again. When creating a new file its somewhat 50/50, sometimes it will sound okey, sometimes filtered. But in case of reopening, it happens almost all the time. Just like the low pass filter would be put in there somewhere. I've checked preferences, everything seems to be alright. I don't use mastering suite, so it's not the case. I don't know what is happening and it's driving me mad slowly. Yesterday I've spent like 4 hours trying to find out why the signal is peaking, when clearly is not. When I dumped file to the wav, it came out that there's way to much of eq, but I didn't noticed that, cause sound was LOWPASSED. It's crazy!
Has anybody any clues how to fix it? Please? :(

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