Korg Wavestation AD bank RAM3 not holding patches. Fixed.

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Korg Wavestation AD bank RAM3 not holding patches. Fixed.

Postby silcreval » Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:20 pm

Need to use MOVE not COPY. Really should read the manual....

I'm in the process of restoring a Korg Wavestation AD. Got the LCD backlight
replaced and working, and I've just used the three WPC-OOP cards to restore
the patches to banks RAM1, RAM2 and RAM3.

RAM1 and RAM2 work fine. RAM3 however, doesnt seem to retain its
settings. With the WPC-OOP III card plugged in it works fine (I can
select BANK RAM3 and then the patches all work), but when I remove
the card only a few patches seem to work.

To copy the card I used

GLOBAL->UTIL->COPY with source set as the card, and destination as
RAM3. I set 'ALL' for data to copy.

Could this be a fault on the AD or something I'm doing wrong.


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