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Korg DDM-110 trig out modification from claps to cymbal

Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:50 am
by synsonics
Hello, I've recently dug out my old korg ddm-110 'super drums' and have fallen back in love with its punchy lo-fi sound and will be using it again in some shape or form. I really like the clap sounds in this unit, the only problem is that when I use the trig out to trigger my synth, it then cuts the clap instrument out of the pattern as this is where the trig out gets its information from. I was wondering if it would be a relatively simple to task to open it up and make the cymbal instrument the trig out source instead (as I never use the cymbal instrument generally), so I can also program some clap instruments in as well as having a different sequence for the trig out, or is this too hard wired into the machine?