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Issue w/mulitple Midi ports responding

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:11 pm
by menninsv
I am a new/re-entrant into the synth work and to proper midi useage in a home studio setup.

My studio parts (affected by my issue) include:

Kurzweil K2500
Ensoniq ASR 10 (Rack)

Cubase Essentials 4

Studio devices:
Mackie 1202 (analogue) mixer
M-Audio Midisport 4x4

Presonus Firebox
ADK Cube

I've finally come to the point where I can monitor audio properly (usually, although I'd love some good tips on this for Cubase Ess. 4 as it's a real PITA for me at least), I can also record audio, midi, and VST instruments :)

Now to my (remaining, nagging) issue....
The K2500 is my controller, when I try to play the ASR10 rack (cabled to Midi port B) all is well and the midi in/out messages get properly routed (ie. only to port B). Now, when I play the K2500 (controller, cabled to Midi port A), the midi response out response is on BOTH MIDI PORTS A AND B, meaning I get to hear the ASR as well. I can not figure out how to rectify this.

I've tried various resets and all the different midi settings in the Kurz (omni, poly, multi, resetting midi in Cubase and Kurzweil, cabling to a different port on the M-Audio 4x4 Sport). My midi device is M-Audio Midisport 4x4 and am using Winxp SP3.

Help!! Is this a Kurzweil issue or Cubase or M-Audio midi interface?

Re: Issue w/mulitple Midi ports responding

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:38 am
by Altitude
The midi track for the K2500, what is its output set to? It should be "none"

Re: Issue w/mulitple Midi ports responding

Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:07 pm
by Dane_Xoth
On the K2500 Set 'Local' to off. and MIDI to 'multi'
(Also there is a setting for soft 'MIDI thru' in Cubase, possibly somewhere under the Preferences menu. I can't recall what i have this set to, but try clicking/unclicking it.)
In Cubase Have two MIDI tracks.
for both set
MIDI IN to port A
Channel to 'ANY'

Label one 'K2500'. Set MIDI OUT to port A
Label the other 'ASR 10' Set MIDI OUT to port B

You can select a 'multi' instrument by changing the MIDI channel on the K2500.

I'm curious about the K2500, can it do keyboard splits? It would allow you to access multiple timbres/instruments from the keyboard at once.

While i'm not familiar with the K2500 or the ASR, i have used the 4x4 and Cubase LE 3. Currently running a 8x8 with a few controllers and many multitimbral synths