help with Korg DW8000 and editor

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help with Korg DW8000 and editor

Postby rhino » Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:55 pm

Hi. Anybody using Andrew Rugari's DW8000 editor? Can't seem to get it to bulk-dump the 64 patches from the synth to the computer.
I have the 1.02 version
Set to WIN95 compatablity
Using acient IBM 390X laptop, XP home
UNO midi interface
MIDI channel, SYSEX enable are set on the DW8000
Load and dump single patches
Do live edit
Play from the on-screen keyboard
When I try to dump the 64 patches, the program instantly crashes
EDIT: Mr. Rugari is no longer supporting this software.
Also: any OTHER editors out there? (Not paying $99 for Unsyn)
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