Live Setup Complications...

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Live Setup Complications...

Post by mfb2 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:18 am

Here's the gear I'm using:

Nord Lead 2
Roland VSynth
Yamaha Mo6
Macbook Pro running Ableton Live (used for effects and looping)
Firewire 410 (2 in, 8 out) (BTW, yes, I know it's terrible, sorry)

Here's how it's currently set up:

Nord Lead --> Ableton/Firewire Ch. 1 --> Firewire 1/2 out --> FOH/board mix
VSynth --> Ableton/Firewire Ch. 2 --> Firewire 1/2 out --> FOH/board mix
Yamaha Mo6 --> DI to FOH/board mix

Here's the problem:

If my laptop were to crash in the middle of a set, how do I set myself up to recover quickly?? I would lose all audio on the Nord and VSynth, which is unacceptable. I can deal with not having effects if I lose the computer, but I want to make sure I don't completely lose all sound and make things terrible.

Also in the mix is how to handle the stereo DIs that I will need to use at some point. Any ideas???

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Live Setup Complications...

Post by cryabetes » Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:06 am

split the signals after the synths to a separate mixer that doesn't screw with your computer.
Or DI each synth and run the parallel jack into the firewire box, cut all your dry signal in ableton and run the wet out/loops in its own DI

Stereo DIs.... good luck. Most venues have their PAs set up in glorious mono. At best you'll just have to settle for mono, and at worst, you'll get some massive phase issues.

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