Korg MS-20 parts

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Korg MS-20 parts

Post by EmptySet » Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:20 pm

I'm working on an MS-20 that's in really nice shape, save two things. I'd like to see what my options are. Happy to hear opinions people have. thanks.

Problem 1. Beside the knobs on an MS-20 are small rubber "nibs". I'm not experienced enough with MS-20s to even know what they are for. Covers for some sort of adjustment? I haven't opened the machine yet, so I'm not sure. Anyway, maybe someone could shed some light on that aspect too. Anyway, my synth has all of those "nibs" fully in tact, except ONE. Drats. (came that way). Is there any hope for me at all to actually find a replacement part like this? I've poked around on the web, but I can't even find anyone talking about this part anywhere, much less selling replacements. Any ideas? (Ideas besides trying to find a second MS-20 for parts… not a chance: I got extremely lucky finding the one I did at a price that was within my budget. I don't anticipate this happening ever again lol) I'm going to assume that this part is not going to be easy to find anywhere. If that's the case, might there be something I could use as an alternate part? I've never seen this kind of part before, so I'm stumped.

Problem 2. The keys are somewhat yellowed. I realize that this doesn't affect functionality, but I get a lot of joy out of fixing up old synths and restoring them as closely as possible to original. Has anyone ever had success "bleaching" keys? I know this topic has come up before on VSE, and I do remember the various home remedies people suggested (sunlight, hydrogen peroxide solutions of varying types, soap and water, that "brite" mixture that the computer fixit guy posted on the net that's been popular, etc…). But I'd like to know if anyone has actually tested the various methods and had successes (or failures) attempting these various whitening methods. Are yellowed keys simply molecularly doomed to be forever yellow and I'd be better off trying to unfry an egg as a hobby than trying to whiten old keys? Failing that, does anyone have suggestions for/experience with purchasing replacement keys instead?

Sorry for the long post. :)

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Re: Korg MS-20 parts

Post by pflosi » Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:55 pm

Hey there,

Congratulation on the purchase of this very nice synth 8-)

Problem 1: If I understand you correctly, one of those plastic thingies is simply missing? I have them all on mine, but I wouldn't care at all if some were missing (no, I won't send you one ;))... Not sure whether there is some kind of replacement for it...

Problem 2: I'd say it depends on the source of the yellow color. Chances are it's just nicotine from cigarette smoke, in that case it's easy to get it off with only water and a cleaning rag... Have done that on my laptop a few times :D

Apart from that, enjoy your new acquisition!


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Re: Korg MS-20 parts

Post by rhino » Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:28 pm

Old man rambling on,,,,
(1) AFAIK, those are plastic push rivits that help stabilize the PC board to the front panel. There was a post some time ago from a member with an early Roland synth that had similar buttons: He found matching ones in an electronic supply catalogue (Mouser?). You might need to change all to get a perfect match.

(2) WARNING !!!! I have not tried this, but have a look.
EDIT*** Sorry, did not read closley enough the first time.
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Steve Jones
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Re: Korg MS-20 parts

Post by Steve Jones » Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:28 am

The black rubber plugs cover the adjustment trimmers. Get a large rubber mains grommet and a scalpel and carve yourself a new one.

As for yellow keys, there is a site with a formula that you can make to turn any yellowed plastic white, it neutralises the iodine that causes the yellowing. Here it is:

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Re: Korg MS-20 parts

Post by Kombucha_Kyle » Thu Nov 22, 2018 6:44 pm


I’m also looking for the same rubber caps for my MS-20 that I just purchased. I know this is an okd post but was wondering if you had any luck finding something that fit? Cheers.

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