MPC 2500 not triggering ext drum machines in time

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MPC 2500 not triggering ext drum machines in time

Postby leonidspaul » Tue May 15, 2012 10:58 am

Hi, i´ve looked long and hard but can´t seem to find an answer to my particular problem. Basically, i trigger my external drum machines (TR606, 707, Electribe) by send the MIDI OUT from my MPC to the drum machines (the 606 being triggered using the DIN Sync sent from the Novation Bass Station), i have the MIDI settings on the MPC set right according to the MPC manual.
The thing is they are being triggered alright but when i hit PLAY START on the MPC the external machines don´t play from the very start, it´s like they start, then pause a quarter note and continue, but out of sync with the MPC.
The only way i can get it to work is by hitting REC PLAY START on MPC or having a count in. Isn´t that strange. I did upload a newer OS to the MPC, was thinking that could be the problem. Any ideas?
PS: I have thoroughly checked the MPC forums on this, there are similar problems but not this exact one and i have disconnected all other MIDI connections and gone from MPC to each machine induvidually, changed MIDI cable etc, but to no avail.
Thanks. Paul
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