is the Furman power conditioner the issue?

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is the Furman power conditioner the issue?

Post by kyodai » Sun May 27, 2012 2:11 pm

I have recently moved and set up my studio with a new soundcard. as I'm testing things out I've run it a problem.

Some basic info. (Power) there is only one grounded quad outlet in my studio. I have a battery back-up pluged into that and a rack mounted Furman Power conditioner (model m-8L) plugged into the battery backup. plugged into the power conditioner are three rack mounted powerstrips. One for my hardware synths and drum modules (in a seperate rack) and the other two for Audio effects, MIDI routing and my soundcards a MOTU 828 daisy chained to a MOTU ultralite and controlling two behringer ADA8000. All being controlled by Ableton Live, with an APC40 running on a macbook.

The issue: when running a full studio test (almost every piece of outboard gear running) I turrned on a rack lamp plugged into the Furman and Live just stopped, no sound just stopped and froze. mouse pointer still worked but live was not responding, this went on for a minute or two as I checked things eventually I got annoyed and force quite Live. Restarted everything and I was back in business.

But it happened again. An hour or so later I again need to see the front of my rack again and rather than turn on the light again I used the pull out lights on the front of the power conditioner. again Live paused (tho this time only for about 20 seconds)

Weird so it seems that turning on lights that are plugged into the power conditioner (or are built into it) causes Live to pause/freeze. Any suggestions on what I need to change to aliveiate this problem.

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Re: is the Furman power conditioner the issue?

Post by cornutt » Tue May 29, 2012 3:02 am

It may be the combination of things. What is the wattage limit on the Furman power conditioner? If you're running it close to its limit, it may be struggling to supply enough current. This can be magnified by the UPS box; some of those things output what the manufacturers call a "modified sine wave", which should be read as "not remotely resembling a sine wave". That further limits what the Furman can supply since so much of the power coming into it is harmonics that the Furman has to filter out.

Further, I'd be curious as to what vintage your 828 is. If it's a Mk 1 like mine, it may have the same touchy power supply that mine has. That's what I suspect is causing your Live lockups: the 828 is losing sync because its power supplies can't maintain their voltage when the incoming line voltage drops.

You might want to try doing a test without about half of your gear on, and see if misbehaves when you turn the light on. Further, if you have a CRT monitor or a power amp, those items are probably your biggest current draws. You might want to try replacing your CRT with a flat panel, or keep the amp off and use headphones when you're doing critical recording.
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