general question about ebay

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general question about ebay

Post by nu-tellar » Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:35 am

sorry, my friends if this seen lazy on my part or stupid

the problem is, that i am trynying to sell something in ebay and when i am listing the item that i am trying to sell it is saying that i need to specific a shipping cost to buyer. i dont get that even thought i have read almost all the main thing i need to know about it to sell.

my question is i dont know the shipping price because, i dont know who i am shipping to. how can i specific shipping without knowing where it is going

another question do i need a paypal to get paid, i dont neither have a credict or debit card. the only thing i got is a bank account is that fine for people to make payment to me

sorry everyone but, i am a dummy for ebay apparently. i can figure out that site for the live of myself.

thanks everyone for your help in advance. your help it is greatly appriciated as i will be offloading myuself from most of the gear that i had.

by the way i will be selling the following gear if anyone is interested let me know... the reason i posted here and no in for sale because i know i have to do some research to figure out, the best way for me to get paid and all that is include in selling something.

here what i will be selling

moog stage 2 mind

korg m3 m

monomachine sfx60 mkii mind

machinedrum uw mkii mind

jomox xbase 999 mind

dave smith prophet 08 mind

memory men deluxe analog delay mind

sherman filterbank 2 mind

motu midi express 128 mind perhats it has some rack scrath but thats all

lexicon m200 mind

mpc1000 mind like new it is like three months old

mac pro i have to check the specs on this one let me know in a private message if interested i will send dateil

two krk rockit 8 mind

motu micro lite mind

presonus eureka mic pre channel strip

motu traveler mki

motu 828 mkiii

audio technica at4040 condenser mic

monster cables

monstre 2500 power conditioner

and some misc stuff that i got leying around i really have to go and see with deteil all that i got for sell.

reason i am selling is i am going software base with a laptop

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Re: general question about ebay

Post by Z » Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:18 am

There is a shipping calculator on most eBay listings. You will need to know rthe dimensions and weight of the BOXED item you are selling. You will need AT LEAST 2 inches of void fill between the item and the box. To determine the minimum box size you will need, measure each dimension of the item you are selling and add 4 inches. You might even want to add an additional inch or two to that since you probavbly will not find a box with those exact dimensions. Then weigh the item on your bathroom scale and add another 5 or so pounds for the box and packing materials.

I've made a database of most everything I've shipped in the past 3 years or so (over 100 electronic instrumennts). From your list, I sold a SPS-1. The box I shipped it in was 20" x 12" x 7" and weighed 10 pounds.

You will need to set up a PayPal account to get paid. It is my understannding that with new sellers, eBay/PayPal will hold your payment until the buyer receives the item and posts positive feedback or after a certain amount of time if they post no feedback at all - so keep that in mind.

Be sure to look at completed listings to see what things have been selling for and to expect your item to sell within that ballpark. Also expect to pay about 10% in fees to eBay and PayPal, netting you about 90% of the final selling price.

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