ARP 2600 "The Who" top-secret patch?

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ARP 2600 "The Who" top-secret patch?

Postby pianobestplayer » Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:15 pm

I'm trying to emule the sound of the song "Who are you" by The Who.(1978)
I'm using the sample/hold of the arp2600(Arturia) and make a very similar sound but I can't pan left to right at time of the sample/hold function like, I think Pete Townshend does. I investigate the internet and find that the arp is panned by the same LFO that is controlling the filter, but Pete has only mentioned it as a "top-secret ARP patch"
The sound is produced with a El.Guitar trough de VCF of Arp 2600 using an "E-bow".
I need help!!!!
PD: excuse my bad english, I'm from Spain.
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