Oberheim DMX: replacing battery, cleaning switches

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Oberheim DMX: replacing battery, cleaning switches

Post by ppg_wavecomputer » Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:38 am

Hi all,

I´m in the process of giving a DMX an overhaul. The internal battery seems to be fairly new but requires to be charged prior to installation. Does anybody have any info what type of battery normally comes with the DMX? I´d like to go for a completely new one.

Some instrument switches respond a bit erratically as the DMX was hardly used -- until I bought it. Any advice how to clean the switches without destroying them (and I´m not too keen on desoldering them from the PCB either)?

Oh, and what type of screws do I need as replacements for the two missing ones that keep the lid firmly in place?


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Re: Oberheim DMX: replacing battery, cleaning switches

Post by syntheticsolutions » Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:17 pm


I have also seen the pinch screws for the lid of the machine however can't for the life of me remember where
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Re: Oberheim DMX: replacing battery, cleaning switches

Post by logix » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:59 pm

I realize this thread is old, but did the OP find out which type of battery to replace it with?
I know it's a 3.6V NiCd battery, but not how many mA. (I need to replace my DMX battery as well and the current one (which no longer works) is of a different size/type).
UPDATE: I've been told it's around 110mAH.
This is also confirmed from another source, looking at the photo below which I found in this blog article:

Paul White of the DMX files website shows how to clean the DMX buttons here.
If any of the switches are beyond repair you can get new ones from Syntaur. If they don't have the same keycap marking you can reuse your old keycaps by popping them off, then use them with the new switch mechanism.

The DMX thumbscrews are available from here (DMX files' accessories section web-store)

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