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Korg KR 55 PSU - HELP!

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 3:10 pm
by Grentzmann

Is there someone in here who have a Korg KR 55 with 230V 50/60Hz 6W to 15-0-15 PSU, who can sent me an internal photo. I have a KR 55, but someone, in the past, have been soldering strange things around the PSU??.
I need to see how it is connected internally correct.

It's an internal foto of the PSU connection that I need.
Mine goes AC15 50/60Hz 6W, I want to built in a 240V 15-0-15 internal PSU, but the soldering and cabels around the PSU makes no sense to me.

Please sent me a PM if you have such a foto by hand.

Kindly regards