Data CRC error Emax II

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Data CRC error Emax II

Postby Frayo » Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:25 am

I got a boatload of floppies for an Emax II. I have an Emax II. The Emax II has a 250MB HDD inside that works perfectly.
When I bought it, I spent many blissful weeks enjoying the wonderful sounds of this Emax II and it's plethora of floppy disks.

Over a course of a few weeks, the drive started making weird noises and slowly stopped loading floppies, giving an increasingly large number of CRC errors. I know how cyclic redundancy works....
I replaced the floppy drive with a shiny NOS one.....only to have it CRC Error every floppy...even the ones that had never been used in the Emax II.

A CRC check runs at the beginning and end of a predetermined block of data as a means of checking it's integrity. When I ask Emax gurus about it, they say that it's a problem that typically arises with 1.44mb floppies imaged to fool the on-board FDC into thinking they are 760k floppies. I highly doubt this, as they wouldn't have spent so many weeks working perfectly.

There are no magnets or anything of the sort nearby.

If my floppies went could 200+ disks die almost instantly....even the ones that weren't touched?
Cables and connections are working and secure.
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