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Logic / computer corrupting sysex (?)

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:40 am
by portland
So I have a windows laptop with SY Manager, an editor for my Yamaha Tg77. The laptop is connected to a little midi interface.

When I connect the laptop's usb midi interface directly to the TG77, everything works as it should, and I can edit the TG77.

However, I want the tg77 connected to my mac so I can sequence it in Logic.

So, I connected the midi out from the windows editor laptop to the midi in on my mac, and the midi out on the mac to the in on the TG77. Logic should now allow SysEx from the editor laptop to flow into the TG77 in addition to sequencer notes from Logic itself. I set Logic to allow SysEx to pass through in the project preferences.

However, when everything is connected that way, the laptop is no longer successful in sending SysEx to the TG77. It can send individual edits to parameters (for example, I can change the algorithm, etc.) but it will not send complete patches. When I load up a patch in SY Manager, it should send all the data to the TG77 through Logic, but it doesn't.

Thinking this might be a problem with Logic, I quit Logic and set up a simple midi through using MidiPipe. However, that was even worse - it only allowed a few SysEx through - most didn't make it. I also tried using different midi interfaces with my mac (I was using the 01x midi interface before, so I tried the Elektron TM-1). No luck.

What is going on? Is the mac doing something to the SysEx? Any other recommendations for ways I can test this out?


Re: Logic / computer corrupting sysex (?)

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:29 am
by portland
OK I figured it out after a lot of research.
Here are my conclusions:
1. Logic 9 has an undocumented bug where it corrupts sysex sent through it. Other people have had this problem too. It records sysex just fine, but you can't live edit.

2. Midi Pipe (a free piece of software that people often recommend for setting up a software MIDI through) DOESN'T WORK.

3. To get a MIDI through working, use another (newer) free software: MIDI Patchbay <>. This will allow you to use another computer or external sysex editor in real time AND sequence your midi synth through Logic.

Hopefully if any other vintage digital freaks like myself encounter this problem they'll find this thread.

Re: Logic / computer corrupting sysex (?)

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:48 am
by mgams
Thanks for your research. It confirms what I found after many hours of troubleshooting: the "sysex thru" function does not work in Logic 9 or X. At first I thought it was me, missing something, but no it is a bug. Interestingly it does work in the old Logic 5.5 on my PC. Thanks for the link to the NotaHat Midi Patchbay. It works like a charm (although they do not specifically mention SysEx data in their Menus). Cheers!

I have to add more information:

Sysex Thru works ONLY if the sysex data packages are small. Thats why e.g. the Microwave Programmer worked (sending small sysex packages) but Sounddiver sysex packages (that can be fairly big) did not. There is an excellent thread on the Logic Pro Help website :

Sending Sysex patches from windows into Logic Pro [SOLVED] ... 2&start=20

Logic 9 and X ( I don't know about 8) breaks up bigger sysex packages into smaller ones and screws them up!

Re: Logic / computer corrupting sysex (?)

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:58 pm
by tim_m
+1 on the thanks. I've had similar problems, which I had thought was a buggy MIDI interface. Somehow, a bunch of patch names got corrupted as well on my Virus. Ugh.