Kawai SX-240 Filter Envelope Amount weak?

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Kawai SX-240 Filter Envelope Amount weak?

Postby wjmwpg » Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:39 pm

Wondering if anyone out there can refute or confirm some SX-240 behaviour for me.

I find that the amount the FilterENV modulates the FilterCutOff to be quite weak. With the
FilterENV amount set at 100% and the FilterCutOff set fully closed, I don't get the filter to anything near fully open through the FilterENV stages. And naturally if I open up the FilterCutOff somewhat to compensate I don't get a fully closed filter when the FilterENV reaches its Sustain stage (if set to zero).

When I compare similar settings between the SX-240 and my PolySix I get a similar amount of FilterENV CutOff modulation with the FilterENV amount on the SX-240 set to 100% as I do on the PolySix with its FilterEnv amount set to about 30% (1.5 out of 5 on the Filter Intensity knob).

I'm thinking I may have messed something up when I performed the calibration procedure. I would normally just put it back on the bench and recalibrate, but I've just moved and some family matters have kept me from reestablishing my bench just yet so I want to confirm that this isn't normal behaviour for an SX-240 before I commandeer the dining room table (which never goes over too well).

-- To be even more specific about the issue:
If I take the AMP envelope out of the equation (AmpENV=99 / A=0 / D=0 / S=99 / R=whatever), and I set the FILTER envelope at 100% (99) and set for a fast, plucky-type bass sound (FilterENV=99 / A=0 / D=40 / S=0 / R=40), when I play a note the filter doesn't start anywhere near completely open. It's extremely dull with no upper harmonics. If I bring the Filter CutOff up enough to hear it start in a more bright/open position it then won't close all the way to silence when the FilterENV's Decay stage is finished and it rests at its Sustain stage (set at S=0) . . . (which is of course the normal behaviour with any synth when you increase the filter cutoff beyond nil.)

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