Gate voltage conversion Arturia BeatStep to Octave Cat

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Gate voltage conversion Arturia BeatStep to Octave Cat

Post by neurator » Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:08 pm

Hello folks, trying to figure out a reasonable solution.

Beat step is pretty cool, but when I plugged it into my Octave Cat SRM nada for sound.

My first troubleshooting step was to send a gate signal from the trigger output of a Roland CR5000 drum machine.

The CV coming out of the Beatstep then works fine to sequence the Cat, but the gate pulse isn't synced. Kinda workable, but not ideal.

The hacky solution I've come up with is to route the Gate to an input channel on my mixer, and send the direct out over to the Cat. This makes it work pretty well with the gain pumped pretty high (and creates a pretty funky warble when I hit the Low Cut button) . But still, this isn't a great solution.

I've examined things with a multimeter and see the BeatStep sending various voltages maxing out around 8v. Octave cat is rated for 7.5 I believe. The output from the mixer is only coming through around 3.5 volts max. The polarity seems switched too, though I might be wrong.

I've got a bunch of resistors and random circuits, but I've never built my own circuit before, just fixed broken parts and replaced plugs and stuff like that. Any advice? Maybe I can step down the voltage just .5 V ... I tried connecting a few resistors and bridging the connection but I couldn't get a peep outta the Cat. But it seems like the mixer is amplifying the signal, even though it outputs a lesser voltage? As you can tell, I'm a bit confused!

Thanks for any advice out there!

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