Roland RS-09 Death WITH AUDIO

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Roland RS-09 Death WITH AUDIO

Postby Mattew96 » Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:41 pm

I have an interesting story here.
Made a purchase off of Kijiji which included many awesome things, one of which was a Roland RS-09 FP/NW.
I do not currently have access to a working oscilloscope or very much past a multimeter due to another set of interesting circumstances.
Anyways, I figured out that the problem lies before all of the mixing and keyboard in the sound generating portion by testing all inputs and outputs. Keyboard gate is good. Input to filter and ensemble is beautiful (<3). Main output works (with input). Raw organ signal and main output with no input is dead. When I press a key and fiddle with switches and knobs I can hear pops and scratches from the controllers, so I know that the problem lies before all of that. I am fairly certain that the dividers are functioning as the entire keyboard plays no notes, and that leaves me with two potential options:
The octave down flip flop died
The master oscillator died.
When I questioned the previous owner on how it died, he happened to be recording at the time of death! I will post the recording. Being relatively inexperienced with vintage analogs as I am young and poor, the recording doesn't help me too much other than sounding violent and kinda cool (I could totally see myself sampling it). It confirms in my mind that the oscillator is dead, but I want to make sure before I rip it out. I will of course be testing properly once I have some equipment to test with but in the mean time I would like to know your opinions based on this information :)

Thanks forum! You guys are awesome!
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