Waldorf Microwave - dumping sounds to Midi

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Waldorf Microwave - dumping sounds to Midi

Postby chamomileshark » Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:15 pm

hi all, forgive the really basic question - I'm really not very knowledgable re midi.

I'm trying to dump the sounds from my microwave onto my PC as a midi file. I know I've done it before but since then I've changed computer, audio interface, DAW - more or less everything.

I have the Waldorf Microwave Midi out connected to the Midi in of a Focusrite Scarlett audio/midi interface.

I have a Cubase midi track set up with inputs as "All midi inputs" - the channel is set to "Any MIdi Channel". (I also tried the midi input as "Scarlett" and the Midi chanel as 1.)

I hit "record" on cubase 7 for the midi track.

I have the Waldorf at "Dump all sounds" and hit ok. It says "Transmitting" - after a few minutes it goes back to it's previous display. That's as per the manual.

I stop record in Cubase 7 and the track disappears - that means no midi data was recorded.

I really don't know what I've done wrong, any suggestions?

Solved: Cubase has a Sysex midi filter set as default.
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