Akai XR10 - Looking for OS Beyond Version 2.2

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Akai XR10 - Looking for OS Beyond Version 2.2

Post by Lepper » Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:36 pm

First post!

I was given an allegedly broken Akai XR-10 a few weeks ago. I've managed to get it working and have been playing with it quite a bit. The whole Variation & Fill A/B/C concept really is fun to play and I've gotten really excited with the possibilities for live application.

Anticipating some cool results from an improvised jam, I connected it to my set-up and pressed play on my sequencer. Nothing happened. The XR10 did not start along with the rest of my midi gear. After numerous tests and an extensive internet search, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't output or accept midi clock in pattern mode, only in song mode. Why, Akai??! Why??!

I've read in a couple of random forum posts that Akai may have fixed the issue with an updated OS. My unit is currently running V2.2. Is anyone out there running a later version?

I'm also looking for the service manual, so if some kind soul has a copy, please get in touch.
- John

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