Oberheim tvs Question - key latching

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Oberheim tvs Question - key latching

Postby Rbh » Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:36 am

I've recently been refurbishing my Two voice w mini sequencer. I've replaced the tempcos on one SEM and got everything tuned and this baby sounds great. As this is the only two voice I have reference to - I'm curious about the key latching that seems to not quite feel right. I'm not able to perform a trill on the keyboard - in other words hold a key and repeatedly trigger a second key on and off and have the held note re-trigger. Is normal operation on the 2 voice? It doesn't matter if the key control module is in unison or left first or right first mode. This leads to wonder if something in the key control module is not quite right. I need to discreetly trigger each note with no other note keyed.Just doesn't feel right.I do notice that some keys have a little different trigger point on the key strike - which tells me I need to do some alignment on the trigger wires and I'm planning to replace bushings very soon.

Any help is appreciated
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