RAM read error Roland JV80 Synth.

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RAM read error Roland JV80 Synth.

Postby clint3323 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:38 pm

Just got my hands on an old Roland JV80. Everything seems to work OK except if I try to access any of the internal voices starting with the letter "I ", I get an error message that says "Internal RAM read error". I can access the "A" or "B" pre-set voices no problem. The manual is no help other than saying consult your nearest Roland Service Station. Can anybody advise me where to start?

Good news! After searching on the net I came across another synth. forum and found the solution.
Somebody posted he was having the same problem and someone else provided the solution: Perform a "Factory reset".
Now I have both of Roland's Owner Manuals for this unit and did not see this mentioned in either one. It took me about 8 seconds to completely fix the problem.
I just thought I would post the proccedure in case anybody out there needs to do it sometime....

1) If unit is on, turn it off
2) Find the #8 Button located in the lower Right-hand corner of the unit in the "bank" group of buttons. Note there are two #8 buttons but use the one closest to the keys. Hold it down while turning on the unit.
3) When the unit powers up, you should now see the display say "Initialize all parameters"
4) Press "Enter."
5) Press "Write."
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Re: RAM read error Roland JV80 Synth.

Postby madtheory » Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:56 pm

Start with a look inside for corrosion from battery leak. Get the service manual so you can run the diagnostic. Google the RAM chips to see if there's a known issue, do same for memory management bits. But it's SMD- how's your soldering?
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